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Free Anonymous Proxy - Surf the Web Anonymously - Unblock Websites

Free Anonymous Proxy

Free Anonymous Web Proxy - Unblock websites, proxy surf the internet and hide your IP

Free Anonymous Proxy helps internet users access websites which have been censored or blocked by their organizations, governments or ISP. It also helps you to protect your privacy online by staying anonymous.

Anonimity on the internet has always been an issue, since you can find out a lot of information just with your IP address. Use Free Anonymous Proxy to surf the internet anonymously, staying hidden. The information first travels from the website you want to browse, to our server, and finally back to you. Therefore, you are never directly connected to the website you are trying to browse.

How do I surf blocked websites?

Free Anonymous Proxy can also be used to beat firewalls in offices, college networks, schools, libraries and other networks. Firewalls in offices and school block access to certain websites. Using a proxy, you can bypass the firewall.

Websites that are normally blocked at work are:
social networking sites - like,,,,
e-mail sites - like,
entertainment - like
Some places even block search engines like google.
Click here to view a list of websites blocked by organizations and governments.

To bypass all these restrictions, a proxy server can be used. Websites such as myspace and facebook can be unblocked at school or work. You can get more information about proxies in our proxy forum.

In case Free Anonymous Proxy is blocked at school or work, try these other free proxy sites.

Working model of Free Anonymous Proxy

By using our free anonymous proxy, you are deemed to have accepted our terms of service. Click here to read our Terms of Service. Please read our Privacy Policy for further clarification.

This free proxy service is not available anymore on this website. However, we are going to run a directory of free proxy websites that you can use!

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